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Safer Internet

Welcome to this virtual site which presents you an entertaining experience with one main objective: learning English through collaborative work.

'Safer Internet' presents you relevant contents related to Internet security. Within this project, you can practise the English language with Internet-related vocabulary and grammar aspects such as Present Simple and Past Simple basic sentences. Throughout the sections, you will also learn about some tips on how to recognize secure websites and how to search the web effectively.

You and your classmates will learn in a meaningful way as you will have the chance to apply the language contents that you learn on authentic English practice opportunities called 'missions'. These missions will lead you to achieve the big final challenge: a presentation of a safety campaign based on a secure Internet use.

"The Internet could be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society". Noam Chomsky

We encourage you to participate in this adventure and get the most of it!

Open Educational Resource by EDIA Project - Cedec.
English. Compulsory Secondary Education.
Author: María José Alcaina Fort.